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Asuperiortype of link that gives you the most bang for your buck. Tier 2 backlinks is a link that is built to one of your existing links on your website. Tier 2 links are generally built to backlinks that have lower page authority but a higher level of domain authority, you wouldnt build Tier2 links to a DR20 website for instance.
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Rank your 2nd tier properties - Want to rank your Facebook page, YouTube video or a secondary feature? Whale Boost is all you need to power up these 2nd tier properties. The Link Champion. By powering up your backlinks with Whale Boost, you can enhance the influence of your authority website backed by your second tier properties.
3 Types of Backlinks: The Good, Bad, and the Worst.
Tier 2 bad backlinks that you should avoid as much as possible. Tier 3 The absolute worst of the worst. These backlinks would get your website penalized by Google and other search engines. Tier 1 Backlinks. There are specific qualities that make a backlink into a good backlink. However, if you want to keep it simple, remember this simple rule.: Any backlink that comes naturally to your site from a relevant and authoritative source is, more often than not, a good backlink. This is also known as 'organic' link building. Organic link building propels you higher in the search engine results pages and makes your website more authoritative and credible in the eyes of search engines. However, organic link building is also the toughest and most time-consuming way of generatingbacklinks. Thats why so many SEOs turn towards spammy and easier ways to do that. Lets highlight a few different types of tier-1 backlinks. Editorial backlinks are the most common type of tier-1 backlinks. In this form, a journalist, publisher, or a blogger creates a link back to your website from a credible source publication or a well-established blog.
Tiered Link Building: An Objective and Practical Guide for White Hat SEOs.
Put simply, tiered link building is the process of building backlinks to your backlinks. The idea is that you can manufacture authority and pass PageRank to your webpage by creating and building tiered links in bulk, with your webpage at the end of the chain. Tiered link building is generally seen as a black hat SEO technique, but before judging it, lets just explain the theory by breaking down the tiers. First Tier of Links. Lets say you have a page on your site you want to rank well: Webpage 1A. You create a few links to Webpage 1A from other webpages: Webpages 1B, 2B and 3B. The goal here would normally be to earn links from relatively high-quality and relevant content from trusted sites. What kinds of links are these? Were typically talking Web 2.0 blog links here, like or Some practitioners tout article directories. You may also create links from other websites you yourself manage. These links should come from relevant and legitimate sources. This is your first tier. Second Tier of Links.

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