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Does subdomains back-links helps root domain SEO? Stripe.
I'm' building a cloud-based job board plateform where users can create there own job board which will be hosted on a subdomain or subfolder. Ideally, I would like to host it on a subdomain since it looks more intuitive, however, I was concerned about SEO aspect. The users can create job-board about any industry and I was hoping to get any SEO benefit from backlinks generated to these sites.
Which is best for blog SEO: separate domain, subdomain or subfolder? Smart Insights.
Access the How to generate traffic to your business blog. An experiment" to test subfolder vs subdomain. In 2008, before we launched Smart Insights I set up a new WordPress blog to replace my legacy blog, which backs up what I'm' saying.
Subdomain or Subdirectory? What They Are How They Affect SEO.
In the video below, Google Webmasters Trends Analyst John Mueller says, subdomains generally don't' hurt a site's' rankings. In fact, he says Google is smart enough to see your main domain and subdomain as being tied to the same website. Some SEO professionals argue that subdomains dont share the authority they receive from inbound links or backlinks with the root domain.

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